The Art of Artesian Water


I am Voss Water addicted. There’s no point in denying it, let’s face it: the days of SmartWater are over and now it’s time for Norway to take centre stage.

What’s special about it? Nothing. it’s Water. Water is water. It’s completely a point of branding. I like the bottle, I like the marketing, I feel like I can identify with it more than, say, Evian. It received a lot of press a few years ago when it was revealed it’s no different from tap water in the town it’s from. Do I care? No. Will it stop me paying £1.50 for a bottle of water? No. It’s not about the quality – it’s WATER! It’s about the brand.

If someone bottled London’s tap water and put it in a bottle like that, I’d buy it.

Wouldn’t you?