Ethical Fashion: What Hermès are doing


As part of my project on Hermès, I started researching the people behind the brand. This lead me to Pascale Mussard, 3x great granddaughter of founder Thierry Hermès and currently co-artistic director of the brand.

4 years in the making, the world was introduced to petit h, the environment-friendly campaign that aims at tackling wastage in the Hermès factory. It’s an extraordinary idea: using the leather cut-offs and by-products of the manufacturing process to make entirely new and different goods. Whether it’s a nice hardened leather bowl for one’s home, or a smaller bag made from the leftovers of what was to be a Birkin, it’s a way of the company cutting down on its environmental impact and turning it into a business in it’s own right.

The project is not so prominent in today’s Hermès, but it demonstrates a conscious brand.

I found an interesting article on the Telegraph about it.