The Rise of ‘the Now’

We live in a digital world and as technology develops, we are seeing brands struggle to keep up with the pace. In the early days of fashion, catwalks were limited to friends and family of the designer with maybe a few potential buyers – the world would not see the season’s pieces until they were ready to hit the market. Over the last 100 years, we have seen this world change to a stage where Twitter and Instagram made it possible to see next season’s clothes before they reached the end of the catwalk.

However, some things are still kept under wraps. How many iPhone leaks have we seen? In today’s society, people have become addicted to their phones and anything older than 5 minutes is old news. This proves problematic for brands working on collaborations, so how do we move on and keep in control of the situation?

Adidas have recently been turning to Snapchat for exactly this. In the last few weeks, they have begun ‘leaking’ their own new line of footwear before anyone else has the chance. The beauty of Snapchat, of course, is once it’s gone, it’s gone: the image only exists for a matter of seconds. Is this really the way forward in PR strategy?

Credit: Hype Beast
Photo: Hype Beast

Photo: Reginald P